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The for-profit school lured students by advertising employer partnerships that didn’t exist, the Federal Trade Commission said. The University of Phoenix, one among the nation’s largest for-profit college chains, agreed to a $191 million settlement on Tuesday with the Federal Trade Commission, which said the varsity had lured in students with fraudulent claims about partnerships with major companies that one among the chain’s own executives had described as “smoke and mirrors.”

The school’s deceptions centered on a marketing campaign that invoked A-list companies like Microsoft and Twitter, which affected students who enrolled between October 2012 and December 2016.

The University of Phoenix didn’t admit wrongdoing under the settlement. it’ll pay a $50 million penalty to the F.T.C. and cancel $141 million in debts, largely for unpaid tuition and costs , owed by former students who first registered during that four-year period. Tens of thousands of scholars are going to be covered, presumably for relatively modest sums.

The F.T.C. filed a complaint in court in Arizona on Tuesday that described the ad campaign . Starting in 2012, a series of television ads and online postings from the university heralded its “corporate partnerships” with quite 2,000 employers, including the American Red Cross , AT&T and Yahoo. The ads said the varsity worked with those employers to “shape our curriculum” and “create options” for its graduates.

In reality, the businesses had no special hiring programs or curricular ties with the varsity , consistent with the F.T.C.’s complaint. One senior vice chairman at the varsity complained in an email that the utilization of the software company Adobe in advertisements was “smoke and mirrors” because the chain did business with the corporate but didn’t have any academic relationship with it.

It is unknown how long it will take if your application is approved. According to the comments of students, it takes over one year, and still, they wait for an answer. Recently tones of articles have been published about student loan forgiveness program. The Secretary of Education of USA Betsy DeVos tried to close the entire program down. Now all of us must know that the University of Phoenix student loan forgiveness program is a controversial and one day could be closed. Nobody knows about President Trump’s plan for student loan forgiveness and discharge program, and it will be undercover until it reveals. We have to be ready to lose Borrower’s Defense process at any time.

Will I Owe Taxes On My Forgiven Student Loan?
Yes, and it’s unlucky because it’s the one huge pitfall to the Borrower’s Defense process. If you win the case for Borrower’s Defense discharge and get University of Phoenix student loan forgiveness, at next stage you will count the amount forgiven as income on your subsequent IRS filing (IRS- Internal Revenue Service). Student loans can be a significant investment in your future or can be a huge burden if not thoroughly thought out or abused. If you think about taking out a student loan, be careful about the university you want to attend. Before signing up in a university, it is vitally important to do in-depth research.

The University of Phoenix persuaded students to take out loans by giving false information about graduation rates and job opportunities. Fundamentally you will accuse the University of providing false advertisement. By this way, you are saying that you wouldn’t have participated at the university and never would have borrowed the student loans. The good news is that if your appeal is confirmed, your all loan will be forgiven. If the applications are approved, the massive number of students will be benefited from the University of Phoenix student loans forgiveness or the University of Phoenix loan discharge program.


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