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Some local law enforcers have made it a priority to close up the online sweepstakes cafes, while others haven’t . Police in several states — like Virginia, New Jersey, New Mexico , and Texas — have encountered little difficulty in their efforts. A recent series of arrests in Texas targeted the senior executives of Hest Technologies, a significant supplier of Internet sweepstakes systems.30 In December 2012, the California Bureau of Gambling Control issued an Advisory announcing that Internet sweepstakes cafes are “illegal gambling operations” under California law, and pledging to assist California enforcement agencies in prosecuting Internet sweepstakes cafe operations.

In the summer of 2012, a multi-front legal war erupted within the Cleveland area when a Cuyahoga County jury indicted 10 individuals and seven companies involved within the web sweepstakes cafe business, charging them with 70 counts of violating Ohio’s gambling laws. variety of the defendants struck back, filing a lawsuit that sought to restrain the county prosecutor from pursuing those charges.

In early June 2013, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law new legislation (HB 7), which may impose a ceiling of $10 on the payouts which can be made by Internet sweepstakes cafes. The new requirement, which may become in September, is predicted to force the shutdown of the quite eight hundred Internet sweepstakes cafes within the state. The cafe operators mounted a rich referendum drive to repeal the anticafe legislation, but didn’t collect the specified signatures.

My Cafe Cup is another Internet cafe software to use on Windows 10. It operates since 1999 and is considered a pioneer in this industry. My Cafe Cup also has a bulk of customers and offers many different features to its users. It provides solutions for internet cafes, business centers, gaming centers, and so on. It is useful for the intranet and billing for the cafe. Its system allows setting different plans for each customer.

Also, it enables us to monitor, control, and manage all connected devices remotely from one device. It has a high-security level to trust, only authorized persons can access the server, and only admin can grant entry for a user by creating individual passwords and usernames. Administrators of My Cafe Cup Internet cafe software can modify shutdown, LAN, reboot, log-out and session statistics, RVD settings for users.

Additionally, it supports the Wi-Fi hotspot billing system. The main advantages of the second-best Inter cafe software of our list are the following:

Full automatic control over devices and consoles;
Monitoring over usage and overusing;
Control reports and trends;
Normally limited account and pre-paid account user types;
Same developing style with Microsoft OSs;
Compatible with Windows editions;
1000 users and five client machine registration;
Blocking via keyword filtering;
Remotely control viewer server status;
Easily understandable database system;
Reasonable one-time pricing and no additional and expenses;
Automatic data synchronization with serves, etc.

Cyber Cafe Pro, the third of our list, was created in 1999 and now provides its solution systems for internet cafes in more than 200 countries. Like the two above mentioned software, it has also compatible with all Windows editions. Compared to other, Cyber Cafe Pro is too multilingual, because of its worldwide usage. Automatically updates and bug developments are often realized with the help of user feedback. It has anti-theft customer tracking, time scheduling features. As a payment system, it has various advantages, such as pre-paid and post-paid accounts, individual and multiple payment options, map pricing, discount, and commission-free characteristics.


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