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Small and large cinemas very frequency have some sort of sweepstakes. So often you can pursue a ‘focuses’ card – and get a couple free tickets at the same time. And then in addition – enter the sweepstakes software to win MORE tickets! So certainly a mutual benefit situation!These venues frequently have a few sorts of sweepstakes running.

Many occasions you can simply do a Google search for “your city + arena”, visit the site, and see what sweepstakes you can discover. Cool way to score some free tickets, and take a date out! (Or on the other hand your husband/wife!)Shopping Malls almost ALWAYS have some sort of shopping binge going on. Easiest way is to telephone the mall (turn upward in your phonebook), and ask them on the off chance that they have any special advancements going on this month. In addition – frequently there will be vendors inside the mall (ESPECIALLY Christmas time!) offering some sort of sweepstakes. (I.e., win a car, win a blessing bag, and so on, and so forth!) So unquestionably worth looking at!

Who Are We?
Ultra Power Games provide world-class sweepstakes software, together with other services like internet cafes and online casino software solutions. We have years of experience in the gambling industry, which enables us to understand every client’s needs. Yet, our team dedicates time and effort to recognize and integrate special requests of customers to deliver bespoke services.

Security is Our Priority
We put high importance on the security of our sweepstakes software. Business owners need to work with reliable service providers to ensure the protection of their sensitive data. Plus, the software should comply with the regulations. Different from gambling, sweepstakes have fewer restrictions.

In states where betting is illegal, sweepstakes may not have any limitations. When installing our software, we ensure that it complies with all regulations. Besides, our team protects your business from third-party intruders. If you are looking for software with sophisticated security measures, Ultra Power Games is the right destination.

Why Work with Us?

All-In-One Solutions
We have worked with business owners and developed a sweepstakes software that gathers all critical elements for managing a sweepstakes cafe. Whether you need front or back-end activities, we have it in our software.

Reliable System
Security comes first in our services. We protect your client and business data, as well as ensuring that your business complies with all legal requirements. From the technical point, we avoid errors and provide technical support.

24/7 Customer Service
Even if you face challenges in our system, we have an around-the-clock customer support service. You can contact our staff with different mediums, whether through email, call, or live chat. We are wherever you need us to be.

Engaging Games
Through creating a visual feast and delivering a user-friendly experience, our developers ensure that your players enjoy betting for long periods. We also add extra excitement with smart bonuses and loyalty rewards.

Expert Team
Ultra Power Games is one of the few experienced sweepstakes solutions providers with accessibility to large masses. Our software development team, project managers and other team members have years of experience in the industry.

Satisfied Clients
We have project managers who coordinate the communication between the development team and the client. In this way, we ensure that our team is well aware of client needs and applies the unique wants in the service.

Technical Support
We recruited a friendly customer service staff who will be delighted to answer all your questions and concerns about getting our software solutions. After completing the project, we provide full technical and verbal support whenever and wherever you want.

On-Site, Fast Assistance
In case you face any technical issues with our sweepstakes software, our team will take care of it as fast as possible. If needed, our technician will visit your location to check the problem and provide assistance directly at your place. We understand that every spare minute is a loss for your business. Hence, we never allow our clients to wait a long time to contact us or get help.

More info: https://ultrapowergames.com/sweepstakes-software/

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